Wednesday, 6 February 2019

The gift that's worth twenty thank you letters! (1978)

Okay so this one isn't technically a poster but I love it and I'm sure you guys will love it, too. It's a card designed to look like a stamp (with that classic perforated edge), printed with the same image on both sides so it can hang from the ceiling in your local Post Office and make you say "ooh, gosh, yes, we must pick up some stamps for Christmas!" (I'm not sure if you can tell from the image, but the string on this one is still attached).

I think it's interesting that this is a Christmas-themed stamp book but (unlike today's equivalent books) the stamps aren't the Christmas-themed designs. I wonder when they started selling little books of Christmas-themed stamps? Also, I wonder whether anyone actually passive-aggressively gifted their young relations books of stamps like this as a strong hint re: thank you letters??

I adore that red and green cover design, don't you?

Royal Mail advertising poster for a booklet of 20 stamps for Christmas 1978.

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Christmas, 1978

Time for our first Christmas stamp poster! Nice zingy red, nice font, all good stuff.

Imagine being able to post a Christmas card for 7p these days, though. *Daydreams for a while*

Royal Mail advertising poster for a set of Christmas stamps, issued 22nd November 1978 (7p, 9p, 11p and 13p).

Monday, 4 February 2019

25th Anniversary of the Coronation, 1978

Today's poster is a pretty understated design, but please note the delightful* handwritten price scribbled at the top, which I'm guessing was written by one of my grandparents. (*You might not be delighted by this but I certainly am).

Interestingly, these stamps were released a few days before the actual anniversary (which is June 2nd), perhaps to give everyone time to buy their Coronation-themed stamps then use them to send letters on the anniversary itself?

Royal Mail advertising poster for a set of stamps celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Coronation, issued 31st May 1978. State Coach (9p), St Edward's Crown (10 1/2p), The Sovereign's Orb (11p), and the Imperial State Crown (13p).

Sunday, 3 February 2019

British Architecture: Historic Buildings, 1978

Was there ever a decade as much in love with brown as the 1970s? Here's a brown poster with brown lettering and (mostly) brown stamps. Mmm... lovely brown.

Royal Mail advertising poster for a set of stamps celebrating "British Architecture: Historic Buildings", issued 1st March 1978. Tower of London: The White Tower (9p), Abbey and Palace of Holyrood House (10 1/2p), Caernarfon Castle (11p), and Hampton Court Palace (13p).

I've been to two of the places on these stamps (the Tower of London and Hampton Court, both of which are quite wonderful) and thinking about this makes me imagine the possibility of a glorious postage-stamp-themed travel book. A region-by-region guide to all the lovely places the Royal Mail have put on stamps - illustrated with all the stamps, of course, with a companion box of postcards featuring the stamp designs for each place which you could then send to your friends from each place as you visited them. I would buy this imaginary product in a heartbeat but it's possible I'd be the only person to do so.

You get a second, bonus, poster today because these stamps were also issued as what was apparently the first ever miniature sheet. These days miniature sheets have different stamp designs to the main set they accompany, but clearly the novelty of a miniature sheet was enough of a selling point back in 1978!

Royal Mail advertising poster for The British Post Office's First Miniature Sheet, issued 1st March 1978 (53 1/2 p). "From the proceeds of the sale of these minature sheets the Post Office is helping to finance the London 1980 Philatelic Exhibition."

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Energy, 1978

After one poster from 1976, my collection skips ahead to 1978 and a poster that's slightly torn but still pretty terrific.

I love the stripiness of these, the complete absence of any renewable energy sources (was renewable energy not a thing in the 70s?), and how "electricity" is serving here as a euphemism for "nuclear power".

Royal Mail advertising poster for a set of "Energy" stamps, issued 25th January 1978. Oil (9p), Coal (10 1/2p), Natural Gas (11p), Electricity (13p).

Friday, 1 February 2019

British Cultural Traditions, 1976

The beginning of the collection! This one scanned a bit brighter than it looks in real life: that green is actually a lot more dark and sludgy than the slightly zingy colour it looks here.

What a fantastically 1970s colour combo though, right? And orange and sludge green, plus stamps with folk dancing on? PEAK 1970s. I am only disappointed that one of these doesn't depict a group of villages burning a wicker man...

Royal Mail advertising poster for a set of "British Cultural Traditions" stamps, issued 4th August 1976. Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales (8 1/2p), Morris Dancing (10p), Highland Gathering (11p), and Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales (13p).